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Our Mission

We are a thriving, Christ-centered church committed to reaching the lost and making disciples both in our community and around the world.  Our hope is to see lives changed by the transformative power of Jesus Christ! 

Our Values

Connect to Jesus

We connect to Jesus through worship, reading His Word, studying with others and gaining knowledge of His power.  We want everyone to know the love and grace that only Jesus can provide in a world that can sometimes feel chaotic. 

Reach the world

We want to reach near and far with the love of Christ through serving and partnering with other ministries to grow the body of Christ. We serve locally, globally and within the walls of our building. 

Make Disciples

We connect to Jesus through worship, reading His Word, studying with others and gaining knowledge of His power.  We want everyone to know the love and grace that only Jesus can provide in a world that can sometimes feel chaotic. 


Pastor Jasper Williams III

aka "pastor J"

Meet Pastor Jasper, the laid-back founder of The Church in Norcross, GA. He's not your average preacher – he's all about helping folks make progress and be who they're meant to be, according to the big guy upstairs.

Pastor Jasper is into "treaching," a creative blend of teaching and preaching that sticks with you. With a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he's all about staying true to the Bible while embracing fresh truths.

He encourages personal connections with God, urging people not to let tradition hinder their growth. Pastor Jasper gets hands-on, showing how Kingdom principles can bring real, measurable change. He believes worship is about establishing a vertical relationship with Christ, making horizontal connections fall into place.

For him, nothing beats success at home. He serves with his partner, Alecia, and their two kiddos, Jordan Alyse and Jasper IV. Pastor Jasper isn't just about talk – he's living it, and he's doing it with flair.


Pastor Alecia

aka "Pastor A"

Meet Pastor Alecia – she's all about giving her all to please the big guy upstairs! Working alongside her husband, Pastor Jasper, in ministry has been a journey of self-discovery and deepening her connection with the divine. Back in 2006, when the Lord nudged them to start The Church, Alecia loved sharing marriage tips and leading worship.

But life's not always comfy when you're following the divine plan. Alecia realized there was more to her than she thought. After some serious prayer and wrestling, she embraced her ministry calling and officially became Pastor Alecia on April 12, 2009.
Now, when she's up there preaching, Alecia brings the Word to life in a way that hooks you in with passion and conviction. She's all about challenging you to step into your calling with integrity and transparency. And besides being a powerhouse pastor, she's also Jasper W. Williams, III's supportive wife and the proud mom of Jordan Alyse and Jasper IV.

Over at The Church, we're all about keeping it real with Kingdom principles. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we've got practical tools and resources to help you connect with the big guy and come out transformed.

Our Beliefs


We’re serious about living for God because we love Him. Daily, we seek ways to recognize and embrace God’s love at work in our lives.

We LOVE People

Our love for people – not status, reputation, color or background – is what makes us who we are. We are united by our similarities and complete by our differences.

We FOCUS on Growth

We create opportunities for individuals and families to grow and mature in every area of life.

We LIVE in Community

Like family, we laugh, cry and celebrate together. Our desire is to partner with each other offering support and encouragement along the journey of life.

We VALUE Relationships

At The Church, our approach to ministry is a simple, 3-step process. See "Our Approach" below.

Our Approach


The Moment

  • We partner with God.
  • We have things like social media, a website and an awesome community of people inviting others to our worship experience.
  • Then, we share what God has given us (be it via sermon, song, message, etc.).
  • As a result, those who come experience an “ah-ha,” light bulb moment. It’s from this moment they realize that Jesus isn’t an option, but a necessity.

The Plan

We believe in meeting you where you are, while also providing you with a plan, so you can get to where God has called you to be. After all, you don’t lose weight simply because you’ve joined a gym! So in order to create a better life and a better walk with Christ, there must be some action on your part! With your participation, you can truly experience a life transformed.

The Journey

There’s a familiar quote that says, “A journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.” In Christianity, growth and accomplishment aren’t instantaneous…it’s all a journey. And that journey requires that you take consistent steps toward progress. So, we’re dedicated to equipping you with what you need on Sundays and Wednesdays so you can apply the principles to your life daily.

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