The Great Online Easter Egg Hunt

At 10:00 AM, refresh this page to see Step #2

Prizes for the Easter Egg Hunt:

IMPACT 1 – (1) $15 Chick-fil-A Gift card (mailing address is needed.)
IMPACT 2 – (1) $15 Chick-fil-A Gift card (mailing address is needed.)
IMPACT 3 – (1) $15  Amazon E-Gift card
ARMY OF I AM- (2) $15  Amazon E-Gift card


We’re ecstatic that you’re here to experience Easter in a new way. Read this page for directions and details for the best opportunity!


Look for the “play” button to begin the Virtual Experience. Remember, the highschool aged have a scavenger hunt, while age 2 – 8th grade go for the eggs.

When you click the circles on the floor, you advance to different spots in the virtual space or click in the direction you want to move to go to the next spot. To move back to a specific room, you can click the “View Dollhouse” or “View Floor Plan” buttons in the bottom left corner of the tour. Although this can be viewed on mobile devices, the best experience is on a computer.


In order to win, you MUST put your answer in the form. For the age – 8th grade, you will need to keep a count of the eggs you find in each room and input your answers in the form next to the virtual tour. Don’t forget, there are 4 different groups including highschoolers that can win. The winner will be chosen based on accuracy in count and how quickly you submit your form. All submitted forms will be time stamped.


If you have a question, jump into the chat and one of the hosts will answer (


For those that have read to this point, there are actually 2 eggs. Don’t stop until you find both of them.

The Hunt will end when the Sunday morning stream begins. We hope you will join us for the worship experience!

REMEMBER, the most important thing is to have fun with the family!
We hope this isn’t the only time you’ll join us. We hope to see you online again or in person after we make it through the Corona virus!