(Men of Beniah)

1 Chronicles 11:22-25
22 Benaiah, whose father was a mighty warrior from Kabzeel, killed the two famous giants[a] from Moab. He also killed a lion in a slippery pit when there was snow on the ground. 23 Once he killed an Egyptian who was seven and a half feet tall, whose spear was as thick as a weaver’s beam. But Benaiah went up to him with only a club in his hand, and pulled the spear away from him and used it to kill him. 24-25 He was nearly as great as The Three, and he was very famous among The Thirty. David made him captain of his bodyguard.

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2 things that every man needs from another man First, Authenticity.  Secondly, Relevance.  Because of Pastor Jasper’s personal journey, both factors are unmistakeable.

2017 Calendar

  • Jan 8 – MOB Commencement of 2017
  • Feb 12 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • Feb 25 – Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Mar 12 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • April 8 – Mountain Getaway Day Trip
  • April 9 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • May 14 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • Jun 11 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • Jul 9 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • Aug 13 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • Sept 10 – Monthly MOB Meeting
  • OCT – Fall Festival Event
  • NOV – Community Outreach
  • DEC – Community Outreach