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March 7, 1998, marked the start of Pastors Jasper and Alecia’s marital union. Since, they’ve come to the undeniable conviction that MARRIAGE MATTERS and IT STILL WORKS! And while marriage may be under attack, we understand how sacred this covenant is in God’s eyes.

Truth is, God’s plan for marriage is about more than just staying together!

In fact, God wants to transform your marriage into the love affair He always meant for it to be. We’re so passionate about this area of ministry because we believe strong marriages = strong families, strong people and strong communities.

That’s why Pastors Jasper and Alecia dedicate every Sunday evening to having real talk, covering topics that impact your marriage like: finances, sex, and handling conflict on their weekly #TeamUs Facebook Live sessions.
So, whether you’re already married, engaged or seriously dating, #TeamUs is an incredible resource created just for you.

Plus, every year, our pastors host the Couples’ Summit – an interactive weekend jam-packed with dynamic hands-on workshops to strengthen, rekindle and reignite the bonds of your marriage.

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